Doc’s Relationship With Debbie Griswold

What to do when your love abruptly ends your relationship? Here’s my story about how Debbie Williams Griswold dumped me like a hot rock with no warning, giving me two weeks to get out of her house. It was an unreasonable demand as I was disabled and had tools and equipment in her storage shed. Many items Include a two pc computer network, furniture 3 TVs and lots of dishes and so many other possessions that every day I think of something else lost.

To make a way too long a story somewhat shorter. Debby left two weeks later for the panhandle area in Florida. The next day her daughter Ashley Torres served me with a 15-day eviction notice. The next day was Sunday and I went to church. The church was holding a blood drive and had one of those bloodmobile buses parked in front of the chapel. After the service, I walked over to the bloodmobile and entered the coach. There were two steps to go up where the equipment was located. Suddenly I felt myself falling backward and tumbling out of the bus landing hard on my left side.

Debbie and Ed’s Florida Keys Road Trip 2021. Ain’t nothing better than a great American road trip to the Florida Keys. This is the next best way to see the overseas highway other than driving it yourself!

Several people helped get me off the ground. I felt like I could drive home and did. When I laid down to take a nap rolling on my left side there was pain. Later when getting up around 3:00 my legs couldn’t hold me up and down I went. After calling 911 I was transported to an area ER. They took cat scans of my head and midsection. I broke two ribs and my left leg was swollen up nearly twice the size of my right. They admitted me to the hospital for two days. After being released from the hospital I started rehab on my left leg. I wound up being there for 27 days.

Debby Ed Church
Debra Griswold and Ed Koon at First Baptist Church of Weeki Wachee Acres.

While I was in rehab the 15 days had passed and gone. Debbie’s daughter who served me the eviction and Anthony Torres her husband had a yard sale and sold everything I owned. They sidelined the process by failing to file the eviction with the Hernando County court. Making this an Illegal Eviction. I’ve known both of them for around three years and considered them friends. But they were quick to take advantage of me when I was unable to remove my possessions.

I am a net and SEO-savvy hobbyist webmaster. This website is my response to the screwing they threw on me while I was in rehab. Anthony should have had enough common sense not to get in the middle of Debbie and my feud. I’m thinking about digging up and posting Mr. Torre’s criminal background history and publishing it.

Never get mad ~ get even is my motto that’s worked well for me! 😆

Ed Koon in 1982
This photo of me was taken in 1982. I was running 7 miles and working out at the gym 5 days and weighed 195 pounds. Trying to get back there now but it’s tough at 71! 😉

I am a wealth of very useful knowledge, and learned a cool JavaScript trick today. How to prevent ad-blockers from disabling my stats program? I’m always learning. Never went to school for webmaster or SEO, got most of it from following Google!